wedding form

Wedding Questionnaire


Over the years, Island Sound has created this questionnaire to help us interpret our client’s vision for their wedding. It is the foundation on which your DJ will perform. If answered thoroughly and accurately, it will give him all the information he will need to give you the wedding of your dreams.

It is important that you take your time and fill it out carefully. If you are unsure or indifferent on some of the questions or topics, simply leave it blank or put “DJ’s Choice” in the space provided. Your DJ will make appropriate selections that will match your wedding.

Submit two weeks prior to your wedding date.  Please do not submit until all decisions are final.








Note:  Your primary contact for the venue or location should be able to help you with these questions.


Note:  We try our best to blend in with the decor you've worked so hard to achieve. We pride ourselves in not only how we sound, but how we look.  We always recommend that the company providing the table and linen/cloth provide us one as well for that purpose.  However, we can provide one at no additional cost if need be.





5:00-5:30PM Pre-Ceremony (Music while guests are being seated)

5:30-6:00PM Ceremony

6:00-7:00PM Cocktail Hour

7:00-7:05PM Introductions

7:05 First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance

7:15 Welcome by Father of the Bride and blessing from the Pastor

7:20-8:00pm Dinner

8:00pm Cake Cutting and Toasts

8:15-930pm Dancing

9:30 Boquet and Garter Toss

9:30-11:00pm Dancing

11:00pm Grand Exit




Note:  "Pre-Ceremony" is music played before the ceremony while your guests are arriving and is recommended.  It's important to have something playing while your guests are being seated to prevent awkwardness.  "Dead Air" is always awkward.

IMPORTANT:  Depending on how much time you've booked, a half hour of additional time may be needed.  Please call the office to ensure you have enough time booked.





Note:  Additional cost for the lapel microphone may apply.  Please contact the office to learn more.



(We will make selections appropriate to the event if you are unsure of what songs to choose. However, please feel free to make specific requests.)




What style of music would you like played for cocktail hour?





Note: We recommend pairing up the bridesmaids and groomsmen.










Note:  It's always a good idea for us to know who we'll be working with.  It comes handy more often than not as issues arise. 



Song Requests:

Note: Please list songs sparingly. We strongly discourage and do NOT recommend giving your DJ long playlists. Playlists restrict your DJs ability to be flexible and read the crowd. This is one of the most important talents your DJ has. Long playlists also put an unnecessary time management burden on your DJ. 



Please list any songs you MUST HAVE sometime during your reception? We recommend that you do not exceed 5 songs due to the aforementioned reasons.


Please list any songs, artists or genres that you would like to hear during your reception? You must consider these RECOMMENDATIONS. Your DJ will work them in if he thinks they will work with the crowd and if he has time.


These are songs that you absolutely do not want to hear at your wedding.  We will strictly adhere to this list and will not play them.