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Island Sound is the southeast’s leading Wedding Entertainment and DJ company. We have offices ideally located on Saint Simons Island, Georgia, Charleston, South Carolina, and Tampa, Florida. We serve all surrounding areas including Jekyll Island, Savannah, Jacksonville, Amelia Island, Hilton Head, the Tampa Bay area and more.

At Island Sound our goal is to relentlessly eliminate awkwardness in each and every wedding and special event. We strive to keep everything cool, comfortable and above all, FUN! With every wedding and special event, we vow to provide a wonderful and memorable experience with unsurpassed entertainment, an unwavering desire to please our clients and the best in music selection and emcee talent.

[whatwedo title=”Justin” job=”The Chairman” location=”location_left” image=”598″ subtitle=”A St. Simons Island native, Justin grew up on the Island and has spent most of his life there. After 9/11, Justin joined the United States Marine Corps and served 5 years. After being Honorably Discharged, he returned home to St. Simons Island and started Island Sound. He was married in 2013 to his lovely wife Brie. They now live on St. Simons with their two dogs Emma and Clementine. “I have several things I love about doing weddings. I think I enjoy most just being a part of the Bride and Groom’s special day. The feeling of having them rely on me to help make their memories remarkable is amazing.””]
[whatwedo title=”Mark” job=”2.0″ location=”location_right” subtitle=”As a pre-med student in the University of Tampa, the manager of our Tampa office, and a DJ for us in both Florida and Georgia, Mark likes keeping busy. He is an aspiring MD who’s favorite past-time is the world of music in which he was raised. Mark is the lead singer of a band and spends his free time hanging out with friends, playing sports, working out, and playing music. “When you love doing it, it isn’t work! That is exactly what being a DJ means to me. I simply love it. I love meeting people, getting to know them, making them happy, and having a good time while doing it. It’s a win-win situation, and I couldn’t ask for a better gig.”” image=”599″]
[whatwedo title=”Gary” job=”Garylicious” location=”location_left” subtitle=”Gary grew up in the area and now lives with his beautiful wife Sarah in Brunswick, Ga. where they co-own Narrabeen Surf & Skate, a local surf shop. Gary has previously worked as a DJ during his early twenties prior to opening the store, as well as having played numerous live venues. ”My favorite part about a wedding, is being able to make it memorable for the wedding party and those attending. I am big on production, entertainment, and shows so I think I have just as much of a good time as the crowd”.” icon1=” ” icon2=” ” link2=” ” icon3=” ” icon4=” ” link4=” ” image=”604″ link1=”#” link3=”#”]
[whatwedo title=”Ben” job=”Grand Old Man” location=”location_right” image=”605″ subtitle=”As the first DJ trained and hired by Justin in 2008, he is the longest running DJ in Island Sound. We constantly give him a hard time and poke fun at him calling him the “Grand Old Man“ of Island Sound. Ben lives on St. Simons Island with his lovely wife Jamie and their sons Alek and Vance. He has lived in the Golden Isles for about 12 years and loves most being with family and enjoying the outdoors. He works full time at Saint Simons Community Church. “My favorite part about doing weddings is the first dance. Just seeing the Bride and Groom happy as can be with all eyes on them.””]
[whatwedo title=”Mike” job=”Richie” location=”location_left” image=”597″ subtitle=”Mike is a drummer and electronic music enthusiast. Having been fortunate enough to have studied music in Boston and performed nationally, Mike came back home to Georgia and settled down in the Golden Isles. Given his passion for music, rhythm and production, DJ’ing is a natural fit. “The reason I got into music in the first place is to make people smile and have a good time. I LOVE seeing people enjoying themselves. Every time I DJ, I realize just how fortunate I am to get to share music and special times with others.”]
[whatwedo 1=”has” 2=”lived” 3=”on” 4=”St.” 5=”Simons” 6=”Island” 7=”for” 8=”12″ 9=”years” 10=”now.” 11=”He” 12=”is” 13=”currently” 14=”enrolled” 15=”in” 16=”the” 17=”education” 18=”program” 19=”at” 20=”the” 21=”College” 22=”of” 23=”Coastal” 24=”Georgia” 25=”and” 26=”his” 27=”goal” 28=”is” 29=”to” 30=”coach” 31=”high” 32=”school” 33=”football” 34=”after” 35=”graduation.” 36=”In” 37=”his” 38=”spare” 39=”time” 40=”he” 41=”likes” 42=”being” 43=”in” 44=”the” 45=”outdoors,” 46=”hunting,” 47=”fishing,” 48=”backpacking,” 49=”He” 50=”enjoys” 51=”all” 52=”of” 53=”it.” 54=”My favorite part about being involved with a wedding is getting to see the bride and groom so happy and knowing that I had a part in making their day special.”” 56=”has” 57=”lived” 58=”on” 59=”St.” 60=”Simons” 61=”Island” 62=”for” 63=”12″ 64=”years” 65=”now.” 66=”He” 67=”is” 68=”currently” 69=”enrolled” 70=”in” 71=”the” 72=”education” 73=”program” 74=”at” 75=”the” 76=”College” 77=”of” 78=”Coastal” 79=”Georgia” 80=”and” 81=”his” 82=”goal” 83=”is” 84=”to” 85=”coach” 86=”high” 87=”school” 88=”football” 89=”after” 90=”graduation.” 91=”In” 92=”his” 93=”spare” 94=”time” 95=”he” 96=”likes” 97=”being” 98=”in” 99=”the” 100=”outdoors,” 101=”hunting,” 102=”fishing,” 103=”backpacking,” 104=”He” 105=”enjoys” 106=”all” 107=”of” 108=”it.” 109=”My favorite part about being involved with a wedding is getting to see the bride and groom so happy and knowing that I had a part in making their day special.”” title=”Patrick” job=”Mickey” location=”location_right” image=”596″ subtitle=”I have lived on St. Simons Island for 12 years now. I am currently enrolled in the education program at the College of Coastal Georgia and my goal is to coach high school football after graduation. In my spare time I like being in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, backpacking, I enjoy all of it. My favorite part about being involved with a wedding is getting to see the bride and groom so happy and knowing that I had a part in making their day special.”]
[whatwedo title=”Jon” job=”Steve-O” location=”location_left” image=”601″ subtitle=”Jon is from Atlanta but moved down to the coast a few years ago. Jon has always had a passion for music. He’s viewed music as an essential aspect of life for most of his life. Having family members that are talented musicians, his enthusiasm for music came quite naturally. Jon appreciates all types of music and being a DJ has been a great experience to allow him to explore and enjoy his passion. “I really enjoy being able to bring out so much positive emotion through music and entertainment while doing a wedding. I thrive to bring great energy to weddings and make them a lasting memory for everyone!””]
[whatwedo title=”Aaron” job=”Dirk” location=”location_right” image=”602″ subtitle=”Aaron is an Ohio native who just moved to the Golden Isles. The warm weather and the beaches are what drew Aaron down to the south. Since moving down here a year ago he has been DJ’ing weddings and special events with Island Sound. “Seeing a persons face light up when they hear their song come on is the best part for me. It is so much fun helping people enjoy their special day.””]
[whatwedo title=”Junior” job=”Island Man” location=”location_left” image=”600″ subtitle=”Junior is from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. He moved to the states many years ago and settled in the Golden Isles with his wife Natasha. Music has always been a part of his life. Being from Haiti gave him natural passion for Caribbean music. But being a part of the Island Sound team has given him the opportunity to explore and appreciated many genres of music. He’s having a blast. “I just love playing music for people, especially bride and grooms on their big day!“”]
[whatwedo title=”Rachel” job=”Rae Rae” location=”location_left” image=”657″ subtitle=”Rachel is our office manger and Event Specialist. She is originally from Ontario, Canada, yet has been raised in the south. As a former yearbook editor and current health sciences major, organization and detail is very important to her. “I love being a part of the wedding planning process. The moment when a bride & groom realize that booking a DJ is one of the easiest things to cross off their long to-do list brings a smile to my face. It’s my pleasure to celebrate the one step closer to the big day with them!“”]

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Weddings are our passion.  While constantly preventing awkward moments, our over-all goal is to create a fun, cool and comfortable atmosphere.  With Island Sound, you can truly forget all the negative stereotypes you’ve heard or think of that are associated with Wedding DJs.  Our DJ’s are young, cool, hip and a lot of fun. Our wedding DJs are more than just DJs.  They are trained, professional emcees. They know just how to control the wedding reception, get your guests up dancing and keep them there.  Always lightening the mood, they will make sure your guests go home raving about your wedding.  To learn more about our services and payment methods, please view our online brochure.

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Our wedding DJ packages are available for your choice of 2, 3, 4, or 5 hours. We can also add more time if requested.  You choose the time-based package that is right for you, and we provide the rest.   All packages include the following services: • Emcee Services, Including All Announcements and Introductions • Access to Island Sound’s Music Library of over 400,000 songs • Complimentary Ceremony Services • Dance and Atmosphere Lighting • 1 Cordless Microphone and 1 Corded Microphone

COMPLIMENTARY WEDDING CEREMONY MUSIC SERVICES:   As a wedding gift to you, Island Sound oers complimentary ceremony services with each of our packages. We can provide half an hour of the following services completely free of charge: Your choice of music selections, Mobile Sound Equipment for outdoor and indoor ceremonies, and DJ Services throughout the ceremony. (Power not included. See additional equipment rental.)

“BEST OF BOTH WORLDS” Packages ~ BAND and DJ Packages   Imagine having half of your reception with the class and charm of a live band, then having the other half filled with the heart thumping excitement of a DJ. Island Sound has teamed up with the best live musical talent on the Southeast Coast.  We can bundle up a band/musician(s) of your choice and one of our DJs.  We’ll handle the details.  This saves you a lot of money and hassle.  You can have your choice in Jazz, Rock, Blues, Latin and more. It’s truly having the “best of both worlds.”  Contact our office for details and pricing.

It’s your special day, and we want to help make it magical, right down to the smallest detail. At Island Sound, we offer lighting packages to meet your every wish. We project your custom wedding monogram or names against any surface; we transform wedding venues with dramatic up lighting; we provide everything necessary for a fabulous slide show; and we ignite wedding reception dance floors with fog, lasers, strobe lights, and more. Beyond that, we handle everything, from set up to break down, so you can focus on the moment, not the details.   Our event lighting options include:

  • Uplighting
  • Monogram Lighting
  • Pin Spot Lighting
  • Slideshows
  • Deluxe Dance Floor Lighting
  • Live Social Wall
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[pricing pri_title=”GOLD” pri_price=”DEMERE” pri_content=” 3 Choices of Lighting ” pri_location=”bottom” pri_icon=”fa-star” pri_textsp=” ” pri_linksp=” “]
[pricing pri_title=”PLATINUM” pri_price=”FREDERICA” pri_icon=”fa-star” pri_content=” 4 Choices of Lighing ” pri_location=”bottom” pri_textsp=” ” pri_linksp=” “]

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