Application Process

Steps to becoming an Island Sound DJ.

Step 1 – Acceptance

Submit Island Sound Application and background check. The background check will include:
  • State Criminal Records Search
  • MVR Records Check
  • National Sex Offender Search
  • Credit Check
  • Nationwide Criminal Search (includes SSN Validation and Address History Check)
If you’re accepted, you will be notified by our office team. 

Step 2 – Paperwork

Submit employment paperwork:
  • Standard Federal and State Tax Withholding Forms (will be sent to you)
  • Island Sound’s Statements of Honor and Integrity (part of the online application)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (will be sent to you)

Step 3 – Training Course

Time to get the skills. You will attend a 2-day course provided by Island Sound at a date and location to be determined. The location will be in the closest major metropolitan area to you. Meals will be provided but Island Sound will not cover any out of pocket expense, i.e. travel, lodging, etc.

Step 4 – Apprenticeship

Right seat, left seat. You must go to at least 2 events accompanied by an Island Sound DJ before you’re on your own. The first will be where you watch and observe the DJ, the second is where the DJ will watch and observe you.

Step 6 – Equipping & Graduation

At the end of the training course, you will be assigned and receive custody of an Island Sound DJ System.