Proof You Need To Include Your Dogs in Your Wedding

Elena Edwards
Feb 9, 2022

We're dog people around here. "Bring your dog to work day" is every day. So this blog titled, "Proof You Need to Include Your Dogs in Your Wedding" should come as no surprise. Since 2008, we've DJ'd for thousands of weddings, so we can say as experts on the subject that dogs make everything better. Especially weddings.

Here's some highlights from a few of our weddings that prove you should definitely check "yes" for extra steak for your furry wedding guests.

1. Your best friend is there to support you on the most important day.

It's supposed to be the best day ever. We don't know about you, but our best days include pups.

dog kissing bride
Photo by Jordyn Williams Photography

2. You get professional photos of your ENTIRE family.

Other than annual Christmas cards, what other time do you get professional photos done that include your entire household? Years from now, you'll look back and be so happy that your dogs were there for you.

wedding portrait including three dogs
Photo by Britni Martinez Photography

3. Dogs help reduce stress. It's science.

Weddings are stressful, that much is known. But dogs provide free therapy. What more could you ask for?

bride and groom kissing small dog
Photo by Bronston Photography

4. Keep kids entertained.

Kids at weddings. That's a whole blog topic by itself. But dogs make for great babysitters by keeping the kids entertained so you and your guests don't have to.

bride dancing with dog at wedding with kid nearby
Photo by Bri Cibene Photography

5. They make for the cutest flower girls and/or ring bearers.

Don't have any littles in your immediate family or friend group? Problem solved. Just make sure they attend the rehearsal.

bride wearing flower crown petting two dogs
Photo by Brooke Roberts Photography

In conclusion, you need to include your dogs in your wedding.

So there you have it. If you need further proof, keep scrolling for more cute dogs and their happy owners.

And, of course, if you need more wedding planning advice, we're here for you!

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bride about to kiss her dog
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groom holding black dog who is kissing bride
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small dog held by bridesmaid, wearing flower collar
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